Every 2020/21 Premier League home kit ranked

With the return of the Premier League season last weekend came each of the 20 teams’ new home kit.

Football shirts are once again becoming a staple of youth fashion.

While they have always been popular with kids, they are becoming an increasingly common item within street fashion circles.

Think Drake modelling the pink Juventus alternate shirt of 2015/16 or Arsenal’s ‘bruised banana’ away kit of last season taking the world by storm.

Teams are taking advantage of this by bringing out fresh new designs every season. Top brands like Nike and Adidas use celebrities to bring attention to their work, hence encouraging people to buy them.

Be it a retro style or something completely innovative, football kits are in.

Here we rank the 20 Premier League home kits that will feature in the new season.

20. Burnley

Burnley are unlikely to finish bottom of the Premier League table this season, but they take our kit wooden spoon award. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY BURNLEY FC.

Kicking off our rankings at number 20 is Sean Dyche’s Burnley. Much like their managers’ style of play, this kit is rather unfashionable.

Claret with sky blue sleeves is tough to change up year after year, but surely Umbro could do better than this?

The blue sleeves start in an irregular spot, while the collar is just awful.

When you add in the massive gambling sponsor, there can be very little argument for placing the Lancashire side higher.

19. West Ham

The Hammers ensure that the bottom two consist of a pair of sides that wear claret and blue. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE DAILY MAIL.

Umbro’s kit designers are left with the undesired task of making two claret and blue designs every season, so perhaps they can be forgiven for settling for less at times.

West Ham have once again gone down the retro-design route, but the results are simply bland.

Irons fans will be hoping for more excitement on the pitch. However, with David Moyes in the dugout, this is unlikely.

18. Everton

It certainly was not the kit design that convinced James Rodriguez to join the Toffees. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SKY SPORTS.

Everton fans should be about as excited for 2020/21 as they have been for any season since their 1980’s heyday.

With a legendary manager in the dugout, plus the signings of top players like James and Allan (surprisingly not a pair of middle-aged Brexit voters), the Merseysiders should be in for a good season.

Yet they will not be enjoying it in style.

Hummel is quite a hit-and-miss brand, and this shirt is a miss. The brand’s signature chevrons on the sleeve are good, but the rest is quite boring.

The less said about the sponsor, the better.

17. Aston Villa


In a nice bit of symmetry, Aston Villa come 17th, just like they did in the Premier League last season.

Interestingly, their kit combines the claret and blue of the bottom two teams and the sponsor of the third-last side.

Is this shirt worse than Everton’s? Possibly. But we risked offending fans of claret and blue sides across the world if we had them all in the bottom three.

Villa’s beats Burnley’s and West Ham’s efforts because of the subtle pinstripes.

16. Manchester United

United signed a ten-year deal with Adidas in 2015. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY GOAL.

This one is sure to split opinion.

On one hand, it’s made by Adidas.

When they break away from their templated designs, they usually produce magic. Having those three stripes alone on any kit earns it a few points.

But you cannot look at this shirt without picturing the seats on the bus that took you on school tours.

Usually, the bland kits would feature below the slightly crazy ones. But not when the crazy ones look like this.

15. West Brom

West Brom fans would bite your hand off for a 15th place finish in the league in 2020/21. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY WEST BROMWICH ALBION.

West Brom’s return to the Premier League will see them take to the field in this kit by Puma.

Again, it is difficult to make changes to stripes, so we have to give the German brand some credit for their effort.

The Baggies’ home, away and third kits all follow the same template. They are based on 1992-94 kits, so they are a big hit with their fans.

Yet for neutrals, the one thing that sticks out is that sponsor.

Yes, it is integrated into the design quite well. But that cannot save it from the fact that it says Ideal Boilers in really big writing.

Ideal. Boilers.

14. Crystal Palace

This modern kit (plus Michy Batshuayi) will hope to bring some excitement to this ageing Palace side. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY CRYSTAL PALACE FC.

Another team with stripes, another team that has the same template for all three of their kits this season.

This Palace shirt is fine. Nothing to write home about, but not awful either.

The Eagles actually had a very underrated kit last year, but this is a step-down.

Again, solid but unspectacular. Worthy of its mid-table slot.

13. Newcastle

Callum Wilson is one of the Magpies’ promising signings that will model the new kit this season. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE TIMES.

Newcastle’s black and white stripes are iconic. When done well, it can be beautiful.

This would be a very solid number were it not for the chunky blue sponsor.

It fits nice, the stripes are fairly simple yet classy.

But that sponsor is horrendous. If it was black then maybe it wouldn’t be too bad, but the blue makes it an eye-sore.

Just imagine it was sponsored by Newcastle Brown Ale.

12. Manchester City

Much like City themselves, this kit will split opinion. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SKY SPORTS.

City benefit from having a rather unique colour in sky blue. It is a nice base for designers to work with, so they can afford to be creative.

Some fans will love the broken glass pattern, others will hate it.

For us, it’s not great, but there are some kits worse.

11. Chelsea

Chelsea have had a top-class transfer window, but their home kit is still mid-table. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY CHELSEA FC.

Just missing out on the top half is Chelsea with this plain blue top.

This benefits from being made by Nike – like Adidas, any shirt with that famous swoosh is just better.

If this exact shirt had an Umbro or New Balance logo instead, it would be lower in the list.

The blue and navy combination is quite boring, while the basic collar and cuffs are very meh.

10. Leeds United

Leeds are finally back in the Premier League, so surely Adidas could have tried a bit harder? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY LEEDS UNITED.

Once again, a very plain kit made better by its manufacturer.

There really isn’t much to say about this Leeds kit. It’s ok, isn’t it?

The three stripes make it a decent shirt, white and blue is always a decent combo.

Just very decent.

9. Sheffield United

Now we’re moving from “that’s ok” to “that’s nice enough”. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SHEFFIELD UNITED.

Another decent Adidas kit scrapes into the top ten.

Again, stripes are difficult to change every year, so this is a good effort.

The cuffs are not great looking while the collar is ok but training top-like.

The sponsor is big, but at least it fits in with the colourway.

8. Southampton

Southampton have had to make an enforced change to their kits, due to a dispute with sponsor LD Sports which led to the cancellation of their sponsorship deal. Fortunately, their new sponsor, Sportsbet.io, looks much nicer on the kit than their brash predecessor. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SOUTHAMPTON FC.

Now we’re talking.

The Saints’ 19/20 kit was arguably the worst in the league, so Under Armour have dramatically upped their game this time around.

Southampton have broken away from their stripes a few times, and this may be the best example of it.

The seatbelt-like design is underrated, while the kit fits great.

7. Wolves

Adidas with another decent effort for the Black Country side. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY WOLVES.

Wolves are another side that are fortunate to have unique colours.

This means that their kit maker can design the best possible shirt for them, rather than having to share their ideas with other teams.

The black is a nice contrast to the gold, which is a nice shade in itself. To be honest, it would be hard for Adidas to mess up a Wolves kit.

The subtle design is a nice addition also.

Maybe the sleeves are a bit loose but other than that it’s a very nice jersey.

6. Fulham

Adidas have been making Fulham kits since 2013. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY FULHAM FC.

Fulham have had red details on their kits in the past, but they would be much better off sticking to just black and white in future.

It is a gorgeous combination that does not need anything to spice it up. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

Again, the Adidas templated collar and sleeve cuffs could be better, but it gets away with it.

5. Tottenham Hotspur

Nike have made an effort to make this Spurs shirt unique. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SKY SPORTS.

When Nike break away from their templates that go to every club they don’t bother with, they can produce magic.

The unique design on this Spurs shirt is great, while the yellow details, collar and fit are all great.

This would be higher if it wasn’t for the navy on the sleeve and the red sponsor.

If the sleeve was just white with a nice navy and yellow sleeve cuff and if the sponsor was either navy or yellow, this could have been a contender for the number one slot.


4. Leicester

Leicester are another side that have had a change of sponsor since their shirt’s release – while King Power remains on the replica shirts, “Thailand smiles with you” features on the player shirts in a bid to encourage tourism in the country of the Foxes’ owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE KITMAN.

Gold has become a regular colour on Leicester shirts in the last decade. If there are two base colours that gold goes great with, they are black and blue.

The training top collar is on this shirt too, but it suits it better than it does the Sheffield United and Fulham jerseys.

This kit is all about the sleeve cuffs though – they may be a little chunky, but the gold band with white outline is just lovely.

Leicester are a stylish team on the pitch in more ways than one.

3. Arsenal

Arsenal break into the top three – will Mikel Arteta manage the same feat on the pitch? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE EVENING STANDARD.

Adidas and Arsenal has proved to be a fantastic partnership.

Each and every one of the Gunners’ kits for the last two seasons have been fantastic, and this is no different.

The dark shade of red, the iconic white sleeves, the three stripes on the side and the retro design.

Lovely stuff.

2. Liverpool

Megastar LeBron James will certainly inspire neutrals to invest in the new Liverpool home shirt, as the club’s owners attempt to make the club a global brand like the New York Yankees. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE TIMES.

Liverpool’s mega-deal with Nike has started on a good note with this fantastic kit.

Some fans may see it as nothing special, while some may question why there is teal on a Liverpool shirt.

But the teal is what makes it so good – it is, after all, a colour featured on the club crest.

The details of the collar and cuffs are fantastic, while the fit is perfect.

The fact that it has been worn by LeBron James will encourage people all over the globe to wear it as a fashion statement, no matter how interested they actually are in football.

Click here for a ranking of every Liverpool kit of the New Balance era.

1. Brighton

Brighton top our ranking with this incredibly classy design. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION.

And here we have our winners.

Blue and white? Great. Pinstripes? Fantastic. Button-up collar? Elite.

Ok, there are some very minor issues – the break in the pinstripes being the main one, but this is an incredibly smart shirt that is well-worthy of the top spot.

Usually, the colour of the kit maker’s logo and the sponsor should be the same. Yet it just works in this case.

This probably won’t get the love it deserves, but it truly is a glorious shirt.

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