Harry Kane’s career crossroads

The best English striker since Wayne Rooney, there’s no question of Harry Kane’s quality.

As the Tottenham fans sing, he’s one of their own. Like Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, when you think of Spurs, he is the face of the club. A brutally efficient striker and a vastly underrated creator, he’d be contending to start for any team in the world. However, with Aguero set to leave Manchester City, his name is being linked to a move to the Etihad Stadium. This and the talks of a move to Spain will have Spurs fans worried.

However, this has all happened before, hasn’t it? Spurs finish the season, Harry Kane scores an incredible number of goals and a trophy once again eludes them, but he stays. Now though, it’s starting to feel different.

Harry Kane could well go down as Spurs’ best ever player if he stays at the club. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY GOAL.COM

For so long, he’s been talked about as a progeny, but now at 27-years-old, a decision has to be made. Many players have had to answer this question before. Do you leave your boyhood club for the chance of riches?

As he gets older, other strikers are going to be more prized. Already Erling Haaland is at the top of club’s shortlists for their ideal striker, rather than the Englishman. If he doesn’t make their move soon, it’ll surely be too late. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be done this summer. However, with the number of clubs looking for a number 9, now is the prime opportunity for him to make a move.

Kane’s goalscoring talents have put him on the radar of the best clubs in the world. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY WALLPAPER CAVE

Of course, this is not an easy decision. A similar situation faced Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Chelsea among others chased him, but he chose to stay. However, there’s one crucial difference. Gerrard didn’t win as much as he could, but he still won trophies, often dragging his side to them almost by himself.

Kane on the other hand hasn’t. If you think of Kane’s truly iconic performances, they’re mainly in North London derbies. The lack of silverware to go with this, for a neutral fan is concerning. Now, of course, there is the possibility that Spurs win a trophy with Kane leading the line.

For all of his skill, and all his goals, if Harry Kane doesn’t win a trophy, his career would have to be seen as a failure. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SPORTING NEWS

However, that time doesn’t look like it’s getting closer. Spurs’ best players are getting older, and with Daniel Levy at the helm, and a global pandemic to contend with, a big spend isn’t on the horizon. If the Englishman bets on Spurs and it doesn’t work out, it’d be a sporting tragedy. For all Kane’s goals, all his talent, he could end his career without a trophy to his name.

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