Why Eder Militao may not be the perfect option for Liverpool

Eder Militao is reportedly available for a loan move or transfer this window, but who will be looking to sign the Brazilian?

Real Madrid, according to Duncan Castles and the Transfer Window Podcast has lost patience with Militao. The reported price tag is €50 million, but Madrid could be open to a loan with an option to buy. Understandably, given the injury problems facing Liverpool, there are a lot of fans clamoring for his signature. However, it’s hard to see the move happening. Even if on the face of it, his statistics are encouraging.

Over his last two seasons in Madrid, he’s averaged a passing accuracy of 88%, while playing an average of 16 long balls a game. Despite being only just over six feet, his aerial prowess is impressive as well. An aerial duel success rate of 79.1% was the highest in La Liga in the 2019-20 season.

Fiorentino Perez has reportedly decided to get rid of Militao. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY YAHOO SPORT AUSTRALIA

His versatility is also a bonus for any team looking to pick him up. Capable of playing in defensive midfield and right back as well as at centre back, he can plug a number of holes in any team. For a team like Liverpool, who are suffering from so many injury issues, this would be a massive bonus.

However, for a number of teams, particularly Liverpool, there are concerns. Liverpool’s system is an infamously hard one for players to adapt to. Andy Robertson and Fabinho barely played in their first few months at the club, and have now gone on to be among the first names on the team sheet. This is where a loan option looks like an impractical one for the Reds.

Eder Militao was a standout for Porto when they met Liverpool prior to his Madrid move. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY INFINITE MADRID

He would have to come in and play as a starter straight away, with no luxury of being able to adapt to the club over time. Having never played in England before, he’d have to adapt to living in a new country as well. The pressure on him would be enormous. Given his age, it wouldn’t be fair to expect him to solve Liverpool’s issues.

Then comes the real kicker. In his two seasons at Real Madrid, Militao has only made 17 LA Liga appearances, with only three coming this season. Expecting any player to come in on the back of such little experience and perform is a huge ask. Then as with any transfer in the midst of the covid pandemic comes the issue of cost.

Eder Militao’s move to Madrid has not panned out as expected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY GOAL.COM

Any loan move would certainly not be free. Taking on his wages as well as any loan fee would of course not be a huge expenditure. However, given the issues outlined above, a move for him even on loan could potentially be throwing money down the drain. Of course, Liverpool could make a move for Militao, but it’d be a risk, even as a loan.

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